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apology. [Jun. 20th, 2005|11:51 am]
[current condition |complacentwatever complacent means?]
[current bebop |serena begging to leave]

hmm so i have been having an affair with myspace and xanga...i'm sorry LJ i have been cheating on you. but it's so hard to write about my day a billion times. hmm well uhh i don't feel like doing it right now. so if you wanna know you're going to have to wait. i have an orthodonist appointment today. and check out my myspace.. i don't even know what my url is but its something .com/ jessicawearssocks same with xanga jessicawearssocks...because guess what?! i do. most of the time. i wear socks
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(no subject) [May. 30th, 2005|05:20 pm]
[current condition |contemplativecontemplative]
[current bebop |speed of sound-coldplay]

i really should update....
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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2005|06:09 pm]
[current condition |contentcompletely content]
[current bebop |cut up angels-the used]

Wow so tis been awhile since i've written(wrote? writted?) in here.

*Sweet penelope is dead. but boy was she yummy. ha..never thought a sentence like that would come outta my mouth did ya?
*tomorrow im going over gena's then going tanning! wow i've never been obviously so that should be fun just cuz it's a new experience
*then after that her mom is dropping me off at the lettie dent fields at around 7:30 so i can go to diana's soccer game and we're all gonna go on an adventure through the nature trail before the game.then watch the game AND AFTER THAT! picnic time.! yessss!!!! i'm excited
*but in school tomorrow i have a chemistry test that i really need to get an awesome grade on...so i should go study..which i will after im done.
*umm i just finished cleaning and stuff so i can go everywhere tomorrow and so i can maybe get some funds.
*tim's prom is this saturday..that's exciting...and he graduates in less than 2 weeks.
*i have talked on the phone more in the last 2 and a half hours then i have in awhile..hmm soo many people i talked to! crazyness...i must admit i love the chaos though.
*i'm officially happy jessie..(no faking)..again. ha i love happy jessie.i feel so much better about everything when im not depressed or upset jessie.
*HMMM...so i have been listening to the new cds diana made me..like crazy! i love them diana!!!!!! thank you soooo much!
*oh! my uncle matt adopted madisyn.! that is very exciting...if u want the full scoop i'll tell you in school but i know he has to be very happy about it which makes me happy.
*i think i'm done updating cuz i have to study for chem and finish math hw. what a busy last couple days

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Adventure [May. 14th, 2005|12:02 pm]
[current condition |tiredtired]
[current bebop |yesterday's feelings-the used :)]

Well, it was Friday the 13th yesterday..and suprisingly i was having a really good day till the end of the school day :(

i hate being mad at people when i'm really not mad at them at all.it sucks. so anyways i got home and thought of a brilliant plan. but it ended up taking a different turn....So anyways, me faith and dustin went to burger king for dinner. i drove there and these cars got really mad at me cuz i wouldn't go through an intersection when cars were coming.SO. there was this paper statue of some star wars guy...and he kept making these noises that sounded like someone like really bad asthma hahaha.

So then me and dustin went to food lion to get diana a poster and a present, we threw the marker around in the aisle for a little bit then looked around for a good gift. and guess what it was?!  A PINEAPPLE. yeah. its the best present ever. we even put a bow on it. haha

So then we went to lettie dent for diana's soccer game and made the poster. on one side it said GO DIANA! and on the other side it said, WE'RE HERE FOR MELANIE, ERIC, & YOUR KID! haha cuz diana didn't want us to come. sorry diana....i didn't know u Absolutely didn't want us to come. my mistake. anyways then we walked through this nature trail and ran back to the soccer fields. then we saw diana! and she looked horrified lol..umm so yeah. then we watched the game and afterwards...the two coaches were arguing..and i was like come on guys let's be adults about this...but i don't think they heard me...even if they did they probably wouldn't have taken me seriously cuz i was wearing a burger king hat and my strawberry glasses. ha.

So that Was our adventure. Very Fun. I'm glad i got to get out this weekend, it cheered me up :)

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Joke [May. 5th, 2005|06:25 pm]
[current condition |sicksickiness feeling]

john,david and frank were lost in the forest and captured by cannibals.The cannibal king told the prisoners that they could live if they passed a trial.The first step of the trial was 2 go 2 the forest & get 10 pieces of the same kindof fruit.All 3 men went their seperate ways 2 gather fruit.John came back & and said to the king,"i brought 10 apples"The king explained the trial to him, "u have to shove the fruit up ur butt without any expression on ur face,or u'll be eaten"
The first apple went in,but on the 2nd one he winced out in pain,so he was killed.David arrived& showed the king ten berries.When the king explained the trial to him he thought to himself that should be easy. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..& on the 9thberry he burst into laughter & was killed.John & David met in heaven.John asked"y did u laugh,u almost got away with it!" David replied"I couldn't help it I looked up & saw Frank coming bac with pineapples"

hehe i thought that was funny.
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